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All works are available online to raise money for: Children’s Mercy Hospital neurology research operating in Kansas City online here at number9ine.com, by emailing info@number9ine.com,

The Union Center for Cultural and Envirionmental Research. Focusing on EDM (electronic digital media) and its effects on children and youths. Particularly frequency originally observed by Dr. Maria Montessori, Dr. Rudolf Steiner, and Dr. Albert Bandura.

The following media is the second draft of this study originally conceived in 2009 by Professor Arthur Burrows and Patrick di Santo. Joining the studies of frequency, music, and film.

Second generation frequency study under the guildence of Dr. Sarah Aptilon.

cascade 2

metamorphosis 2

Oṃ 3
Research projects include: Experiments with frequency and platforms of media. Currently contributing research at the University of Kansas in the studies; [CORPORATIZATION OF FREQUENCY: the effects of framing and priming on children and youths] with Dr. Anna Pope, [ALTERNATIVE HEAD INJURY PROTOCOL, GENETIC TESTING AND BRAIN SCANS] with Casey R Toews Intern at Clinical Associates, an independent internship under the supervision of: Dr. Merlin Butler, MD., Ph.D. Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Kansas Medical Center Kansas City, KS Dr. Bruce Cappo Ph.D. Clinical Associates, PA Lenexa, KS, Clinical Associates PA of Lenexa, KS., and [MEDITATION AND ITS EFFECTS ON PREJUDICE] in the meditation laboratory of Dr. Pope.

Replication of the Stell and Farsides study: Brief loving-kindness meditation reduces racial bias, mediated by positive other-regarding emotions. -from the research lab of Dr. Anna Pope.