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" 9 A forerunner of EDM (electronic digital media) casetrick is the discordant, authentic, automatic union of instrumentalists Casey Reid and Patrick di Santo. — From North America, —they met while Reid was working on his masters in psychology and
                 di Santo....  had begun psych rehabilitation for a TBI (traumatic brain injury).
— The duo has worked on research projects since and spend most of their time experimenting with frequencies and platforms of media. Currently contributing research with the University of Kansas in the study of meditation and its effect on bias.






They released the EP shadowland in 2019 and the soon to be released reliquarium in 2020, a collage of brutal, industrial sound, layered over the deep pop visuals of street art, portraiture and landscape.

It is reminiscent of the musique concrète from the 1950’s,

— particularly Karlheinz Stockhausen's Gesang der Jünglinge, and the work of Philip Glass, Kristina Kubsich, Carla Scaletti, and Brian Eno. shadowland


	Both currently enjoy the solitary art of the journeyman.              


edm collaborattion contact casetrick through, for film: Mark Gasper at Yankee Oriele Company, or classical: Arthur Burrows at Neuage Neuf.                                         — Currently both are contributing researchers at the University of Kansas.



the 2019 ep, shadowland is a journal of TBI (traumatic brain injury) /CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) rehabilitation and respite for di Santo
— during which time the two spend spend hours experimenting with frequencies and platforms of media.



reliquarium: the soon to be released follow up album



Daniel Kletsky (818-225-7870)