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Morning Light
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" 9 is media — interpretation — heart in symphony with mind.
                 9....  Explores the space that is world culture."
— From an interview with Tracy Jordan






The 9th chevron reminds us of the heraldic coat of arms and historic tribal shields.

"I really enjoy photoJ, 9 commands the freedom to comment on a world platform without socio-political BS"

— From an interview with fellow collaborator Mel Johnson for the new film mileAGE


	Excerpts from: TVGLOBO interview between 9 and Vojier Chimino,
		l'orange-blue-purple barge between 9 and Timi Colonious


9 enjoys media collaboration with artists including, Robert Altman, Floyd F. Fisher, Arthur Burrows, Alan McCullen, Futura 2000, Kenny Scharf, Michael H. Henderson, Charles Tracy, Tom Sachs, Yankee Oriele Company, Neuage Neuf Films.                                         — WE Magazine (1995)



With mileAGE, 9 is releasing material like alright from that time when WAX was written, we reflect so immediately now with media ........ it is all self reflection.
— 9



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