For those who like their electronic works to have a bit of a razor’s edge to them, Case Trick present dark, introspective sounds, and by pairing them with this visual component, one can begin to get a grander picture as to whence the pair’s work comes. -Nick Spacek, The Pitch


dark whisper

Case Trick    shadowland




A forerunner of EDM (electronic digital media) casetrick is the discordant, authentic, automatic union of instrumentalists Casey R Toews and Patrick di Santo.

shadowland number9ine HIT movements

From North America, they met while Toews was working on his master's in psychology
and Disanto had begun psych rehabilitation for a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and CTE
(chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disorder). 

The duo continue to work on research projects 
and spend most of their time experimenting 
with frequency and platforms of media. 	

mortal walk
Currently both are contributing researchers at the University of Kansas.	



we ride the day


Case Trick has received awards for the EP shadowland at CPH:DOX* Copenhagen Intl., Asia South East-Short Film Festival.

ShortShorts Film Festival Japan

Best new artist award from WorldStar, and a nomination from Coast2Coast Live for the 2019 
release "dark whisper"

-intelligent electronic music Mishka DJ, VK, Russia.

Case Trick continues the frequency exploration of the musique concrète from the
1950’s, particularly Karlheinz Stockhausen's Gesang der Jünglinge, 
and the work of Philip Glass, Kristina Kubsich, Carla Scaletti, and Brian Eno.


Both currently enjoy the solitary art of the journeyman.              

collaborations contact 
for film: Mark Gasper at Yankee Oriole Company
classical: Arthur Burrows at l'Neuage Neuf


the 2019 EP, shadowland is a journal 
of TBI/CTE rehabilitation for di Santo during which time the two spend 
many hours experimenting with frequency and platforms of media.	


the 2020 follow up album to their 2019 EP shadowland 





Disanto, the instrumentalist 9 and lil bit o’graffiti,
pre head injury exhibits:

Test Site Gallery, White Chapel Gallery, MoMa, MET, Lincoln Center, Martin Luther King HS, George Eastman Museum, Metropolitan Opera, Alvin Ailey, Fisher Center, Art & Film Hayward Gallery, The Laundromat Project, Kansas Union Gallery, Leopold Gallery.